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Q Oil manufactures in the UK, a range of specialist, high quality aerosol oils which lubricate, displace water, clean, protect and stop rust. Applications are wide including machinery, vehicles (car, motorcycle, bus & truck), public transport (trains, trams, aircraft) and switchgear (low & high voltage). Used by maintenance workshops and enthusiasts worldwide to keep their equipment running smoothly.

Q20 competes in Europe as an alternative to WD40 and other products such as GT85, AC90 and Wurth 20/40. The market is very crowded for water displacing oils and general purpose lubricants but we believe we have a stand out product in Q20. Most of our products are aerosol oils particularly for use as penetrating oils and lubricant sprays. Q20’s main markets are automotive sprays, cycle lubricant, gun oils, HGV maintenance, hand-cleaning products, and locksmith oils and spray lubricants. We also supply silicone spray, hand wipes, hand cleaning paste, q n 1 which is an alternative to 3 in 1 oil, rust converting jelly, graphite spray and brake cleaner spray. We have recently developed a spray on peel off film known as Q30.

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